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Après moi, le déluge

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maketeitanda jibun no yami ni
aim high shoot low, akagi, albion, alice in wonderland, animation, anime, arctic monkeys, art, arte, baby hedgehogs, bertolt brecht, biggles, bilo, black and white, black books, blur, books, boots, cartoons, cats, cheesecakes, chi's sweet home, christina ricci, cigarettes, client, comics, criminal minds, cyborgs, daffodils, daria, death note, december 29th 1721, digimon, doctor who, doomsday, drums, duckies, england, except_watching_the_sunset_in_reverse, fags, fight club, films, fire, flowers, freedom, fresh air, fry & laurie, fullmetal alchemist, garfield, giant robots, glam, god child, goth (the manga), guitars, gundam, gundam 00, harry potter, harvey dent, hetalia, horst evers, ian curtis, iq style, irony, jamie t, johnny and jimmy, joy division, kaiji, kate moss, kemonozume, layla miller, life_is_but_a_dream, liquorice, lizards, lockon! lockon!, london, making fiends, mamoru hosoda, manga, meat and potatoes!, miles edgeworth, money, morrissey, mother goose, music, nick cave, not doing homework, not emo, oscar wilde, ouran koukou host club, paris, patrick wolf, pete doherty, phoenix wright, photography, pie, piercings, pizza, pj harvey, placebo, playing guitar, politicize my own endeavours, prussia, retro, robots, rock, rusty spoons, sayonara zetsubou sensei, school uniforms, shakespeare, shintaro kago, ships, singing, sleep, smoking, soho, space opera, space pirates, star wars, staying up all night, stealing books, stephen fry, stroboscopes, studio 4°c, sunshine, tea, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the albion creed, the league of gentlemen, the libertines, theatre, there_is_nothing_like_watching_the_sunrise, this is not london, tocotronic, tom waits, uzumaki, velvet goldmine, victorian era, what did i dream?, x-factor, zombies